shutmymouth150Shut My Mouth (Michele McTierney) ©2014

I cannot lie, but I cannot tell the truth
I wish more people could see through you
I cannot leave but, I just want out
I cannot run away so, I just shut down
I said something that was true,
Shut my fucking mouth
I dare disagree with you,
Shut my fucking mouth
I want to scream and shout,
Shut my fucking mouth
I feel like I will drowned,
Shut my fucking mouth
– Every time you lose your shit (have a fit)
Everybody pays for it
Do as you say, not as you do
I’m so ashamed of you
-I want to run away
It might be worse that way
I stick it out and pray, someday,
You’ll pay for having it your way
-I have to take the hit
Face front, I do not flinch
Accept your blame
Or else –I’ll get more of the same
-I used to feel the sting
It’s more I feel nothing
When will your red-eyed rage
Take a bow and walk offstage?
You’re nothing but a hypocrite,
Shut your fucking mouth
You’re the one who’s really sick,
Shut your fucking mouth
I’ll never be quite right,
Shut your fucking mouth
I’ll carry this hurt all my life,
Shut your fucking mouth.
My passions were swept aside
I just survived, stayed alive
Someday you’ll waste away
Alone – in pain, old and gray
-You can’t ruin everyday
—I won’t let you
Watch me live my life my way