Here’s what critics, musicians, music professionals, fans and friends have to say about Michele and her music:

“Michele McTierney is one of brightest and innovative new talents to come out of the Baltimore/DC area in ages. Awesome songs with an incredibly seamless and credible blending of musical pop styles, of which one rarely hears. She simply doesn’t seem to care where the music came from, but is much more interested in where it’s going…and to make damn sure it helps make her point. It’s like all of it, music, musicians, producer, you name it, are being channeled to helping her convey her message, and in an insanely irresistible pop stew that has you dancing and singing along consciously or not. She is…the ultimate puppet-master, and a true artist with few peers” – Marco Delmar, Producer & Owner, Recording Arts LLC

“Michele’s music will get your attention and her lyrics will pull you all the way in. One listen to her heart and you will be a fan. Sit back and enjoy the wild ride that is “Michele McTierney”!!!” – JT Hollis, Singer-Songwriter, Co-Host of The Sully Show on

“I have never seen anyone as passionate and dedicated to their music as much as Michele. She puts everything she has into making her music the best it can be. She can belt out a hard driving song with clarity and strength that will blow you away or can have you feeling every note on a slow soulful tune. Michele strength is not just in her vocals, but it’s also her songwriting ability. Her witty and crafty lyrics is reminiscent of legendary 80’s British wit masters Nick Drake, PJ Harvey, Billy Bragg and Kate Bush, with the fresh appeal of our world today. You won’t be disappointed in this CD.” – Matthew Bathurst, Musician, Songwriter

“It’s been a pleasure to watch Michele grow into such a unique and captivating artist.  Her strong vocals and great stage presence are what Michele McTierney so much fun to listen to.” – Ernie Fowler, Singer-Songwriter, Promoter

“Silver-voiced Michele McTierney is by turns Tender, Vulnerable, Beautiful, Heart-rending, Bold, Funny, Authentic, and above all, Passionate— Michele’s soulful expression of her inner beauty, singing and songwriting in her new album, “A Work In Progress”, is a beautiful musical journey, masterfully produced by Marco Delmar.” – Rebekah Eden, singer/composer

“She sings what all of us have felt but have the restraint and common sense not to say. I love her music!” – Virginia McLucas

“Michele’s music is genuine and based on her life experiences more so than most music out today.  She has a soulful voice with outstanding song lyrics.  This is a song collection from a person who has experienced both the great and terrible parts of life, as we all have.  This makes connecting with her music very easy and enjoyable.” – Hank Yates, Hillbilly Nerd Talk show

“Michele’s music captures a perfect balance between pop/rock, while providing a bit of snarky and edgy dialect that tells the story of an awesome transformation into who she is today.” – Robbie Whiplash, Limited Moon Productions, NeckBrace Studios, Composer

“Energy, passion, talent is what Michele and this record is all about.  Her lyrics and music are a perfect mix for great pop songs with a bit of an attitude! Michele is a joy to work with and deserves all her success.” – Doug Wilson, Musician, Songwriter

“Michele puts her all into her work and truly sings from the heart. Her music is only surpassed by her beauty, inside and out.” – Kevin Murphy

“Michele’s unique personality shines through in her songwriting. She incorporates intelligent lyrics with catchy hooks which she delivers with attitude and her amazing voice.” – Gregg Picard, Musician, Songwriter

“As a veteran (live & session) guitarist, songwriter, engineer & producer, I see a world full of cookie cutter pop singers, who are far more style than substance and television talent shows, with contestants who are here today & gone later today. Michelle McTierney is not only a breath of fresh air, but a reminder that music should be about heart, passion and talent! Michelle’s compelling voice, combines with songs to stir your heart and hooks that will inspire your feet along with your ear. You owe it to your soul to give this natural talent a listen.” Mark Gabrich, Guitarist, Songwriter, Engineer & Producer

“I first met Michele on an internet radio broadcast on Skype. After being initially struck by her beauty I was more impressed with her smarts, charm and sense of humor. Mind you this is before I heard a note of her music. The two songs I heard her sing that day with her amazing voice made me laugh, get a little sweaty and lastly made my cry. The raw frankness of her lyrics are amazing and unforgettable. She gained a lifelong fan that day.” – Andrew Black, Co-Host of Hollz and Rorschach

Michele’s music is so refreshing because she sings from her heart.  You can hear her pain and joy in the songs she is singing which helps the listener relate to her music.  Her music is unique and captivating! – Bobbie Combs

“Energy, passion, talent is what Michele and this record is all about.  Her lyrics and music are a perfect mix for great pop songs with a bit of an attitude! Michele is a joy to work with and deserves all her success.” – Doug Wilson, Musician

“Michele is always in good spirits and true to her craft. Her music is raw, emotional, and even a little funny. She provides a perfect blend of 90’s alternative, pop, and singer-songwriter into her music. Her music is relatable and brutally honest. I constantly have a song stuck in my head.” – Joe Sharpe, Singer-Songwriter, Musician

“Michele is an incredibly courageous person who has had to overcome so many obstacles to pursue her talent.  [She] has not let anything hold her back.  She’s an incredibly talented musician and song writer.  Her songs are thought provoking, entertaining and fun!  They are a fresh, unique sound.  Her talent should propel her to great success!”-  Liz Dumont, Personal Trainer, Owner Bariatric Boot Camp

I’ve known Michele since college and have always admired her creativity and bravery; in her music, theatre and in life. I love hearing her music and being able to hear the stories I know from her life come through. I pledgesd to her kickstarter campaign, because I’m excited to hear the album she’s put her heart and soul into for so long, and I ‘d like others to get to hear her too. – Karen Poggi

“She is a breath of fresh air. A humble energy that will soon one day touch the hearts of many people thru her gift of song.” – Jesse Rommel, Singer, Songwriter

“Michele has a very unique voice. It seems like a cross between Adele and Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries. She has come a long way from beating me in a Karaoke contest on a Cruise Ship. Furthermore, she brings back the singer/songwriter feeling from the 70’s with a contemporary beat. Buy her CD, you won’t be disappointed. She is destined for great things in the future!” – Tony Trey

“Wow, excellent writing! You have a wonderful talent for lyrical imagery, and there are some truly excellent lines in this song. Nice original yet identifiable theme… Good memorable hook. Level of the lyric…is very impressive. You definitely have talent. Keep writing! Funny $*&%!” – Evaluations from Great American Song of the Year Contest for the song, “Crushing Guilty”

“This searing song punches through the airwaves with biting lyrics that take being jaded to a whole new level! Your visceral attacks on the love that tore your heart up embody the emotions of every single person, woman or man, who has been crushed. The music starts off as a very mellow, somber tune that kicks into a sonic rant fueled by aggression. The title couldn’t be any better if you wrote it across the ex-lover’s forehead and photographed his head on your wall as the album cover. This is pure sonic magic. Everything about the mechanics of this song are perfect, from the emotionally charged vocals to the magnificent instrumental performances, from the creative melodies to the smooth arrangement. It is rare that I have the privilege to review such great works of art. You have a potential hit on your hands!” – Evaluation, Great American Song of the Year Contest “If You Were Dead”