nosuchthing150No Such Thing (Michele McTierney) ©2013
Verse 1
With minor alterations
I’ll leave behind my frustrations
I’ll reach my destination
With a little renovation
Don’t question my motivations
I need no explanations
I have no reservations
Only high expectations
I need to take a deep breath
My nerves can’t handle much else
As I’m standing naked
Brutally deconstructed
I’m here to make a change
Revealing myself feels so strange
And (but; cuz) it’s no holds barred
If I’m determined to have it all
Turning over a new leaf
Improving my current reality
When I have lofty dreams and agendas and goals to achieve
There’s no such thing as pride or modesty
No such thing
Verse 2
I wanna do over and second chance
To advance, enhance and get that second glance
From the kinda guy I’ve always tried to attract
He’s been waiting for the girl of his dreams
Hell, that could be me
Putting the past in a box on a shelf
To be the best version of myself (with a little help)
These scars will fade, but I don’t care
As long as I’m not the same
I’m going under
Rolling the dice
And I gotta admit
The total loss of control feels so nice
I gotta trust I’m doing the right thing
As long as I awake, pain and bills I can swing
I’ll replace my disappointment
With the gift of a lift to be 110%