“If You Were Dead” (Evaluation, Great American Song  Of The Year Contest 2008):

“This searing song punches through the airwaves with biting lyrics that take being jaded to a whole new level! Your visceral attacks on the love that tore your heart up embody the emotions of every single person, woman or man, who has been crushed. The music startsDSC_8579 off as a very mellow, somber tune that kicks into a sonic rant fueled by aggression. The title couldn’t be any better if you wrote it across the ex-lover’s forehead and photographed his head on your wall as the album cover. This is pure sonic magic.”
 “Everything about the mechanics of this song are perfect, from the emotionally charged vocals to the magnificent instrumental performances, from the creative melodies to the smooth arrangement.”
“It is rare that I have the privilege to review such great works of art. You have a potential hit on your hands!”