egotisticalgirl150Egotistical Girl (Michele McTierney) ©2007
Verse 1
I need to feel special
And get the royal treatment
From time to time
I love to get love letters
And flowers sent
But that kind of man
Seems so hard to find
This egotistical girl is really an act
If you knew me better you’d know that
It’s just that I wanna give
What I know I’ll get back
Can you be low
And a hopeless romantic?
Verse 2
I’ll hold back in the beginning
To make you work harder to win me
I’ll withhold and play hard to get
And there’s nothing wrong with that
As long as I pay you back
I may seem like a real tease
But tonight you’re the one I’m gonna please
Verse 3
My armor isn’t as thick as you might think
So, don’t advantage of me
Do the chivalry thing, and
Get on your knees and serenade me
And I’ll show you
How good low can be
Verse 4
You see, I’m waiting
For that special something
And a king who’s skilled at servicing a queen
(If you know what I mean)
I’m looking down from my balcony
Which can seem intimidating, but
Sometimes you have to crawl
Towards what you need