crushingguilty150Crushing Guilty (Michele McTierney) (c)2007

Verse 1
I never felt this way
His face makes the world melt away
I wish I understood why it feels so good
And why watching him would make my stomach drop a foot

I just stare at the screen
Knowing we might never meet
Thank God, I can Tivo everything
I’m pausing at the love scenes like some sort of freak

He’s just so damn sexy
Even if he’s almost forty
What the hell is wrong with me?
I’m crushing so guilty

I feel so incredibly lame
Whenever I Google his name
Memorized his profile on IMDB
Man, I’m really crushing guilty
Verse 2
I started to worry
When I read he liked his privacy
The best part of that day
Was finding out he wasn’t gay

I’m getting off on bad headshots
Watching crappy, late night guest spots
All his movies go straight to DVD
But I can’t help myself, – he’s such a hottie

He seems really balanced and kind
Maybe he doesn’t mind
That he’s playing the lead
In all of my fantasies
Maybe it’s just par for the course
When you’re kinda, sorta, nearly famous

Verse 3
Maybe he’ll get tired of bangin’
That bony-assed, vacant-eyed, model girlfriend
Maybe he’ll dump her for someone who’s funny and sweet
No longer date a moody bitch who won’t eat

I really hope summer hiatus
Will give me some healthy distance
I will try to show some restraint and reason
Well, at least, until next season


–RUNNER UP VH1 Song of the Year 2007 Contest