courage150Courage (Michele McTierney) ©2014

The first step, so hard
My will and my feet are scarred.
Such a heavy switch to flip
On this slippery slope, I trip
No wonder I feel alone and hollow.
Buried my dreams and cut off my soul
Caught up in the daily grind.
And now I see that I have been blind.
courageaccoustic150CHORUS 1
Will I let my heart lead me?
Or let depression bleed me?
Believe the crap they feed me?
Or let my passion free me?
– Is it my reason for being?
Maybe I’m only dreaming…
-How do I trust this feeling?
Because I’m disbelieving
Trade-in this life I’m leading?
Go all in, risk ev-er-y-thing
-Can I find the courage within me?
Maybe I’m only dreaming…
Feels like I’m running out of time.
Feels like I am going out of my mind
With such a huge mountain to climb
But this light inside me has to shine.
Help me find the courage to perceive
My future self and the real me
Find the courage to breathe
Dive headfirst and take the leap
Can’t see the good that’s happening
Even though it’s right in front of me
Just so scared that I won’t succeed
But if I’m right – this is where I should be
Maybe I’m on the right track after all
I should just get out of my own way
-and then the walls
Will come down, I’ll just follow my bliss
Doors’ll open that didn’t exist
All I need some courage to believe…
All I need some courage to believe…