collegiate150Collegiate (Michele McTierney) ©2014
Verse 1
Feeling confident and good
Actually happy about where I stood
Looking forward to what’s coming next
Til this letter gave me a complex
Is everyone doing better than me?
I pray to God they’re exaggerating
Cuz they read all real impressive
Making me a total depressive
I won’t go, you can’t make me go, no
I refuse to attend this x-year freakshow
A little bitter, can’t you tell?
Well, at least, I wear it well
But telling them to kiss my ass
Doesn’t seem/sound very collegiate
Verse 2
The life I lead
Not what I envisioned for me
Not really proud or pleased
Not quite finished or ready
Don’t want to confess
I’m still a work in progress
I wanna be the shit
Not some awkward misfit
I’d like to see my old friends
Haven’t seen them in ages
They knew the real me
And they never held it against me
Months and years fly by
There never seems to be enough time
We’re all trying to push ourselves farther
Than we were at our alma mater