built150Built (Michele McTierney) ©2013
Man, I really love these things
(It’s) making my life so sweet
Free drinks making me hazy
Having fun with the ladies
With a big chest like this
I (always) get moved to the top of their list
Who’d’ve guessed, yes.
The power of the breast
Verse 1
It’s amazing what I get away
When I’m built like this
No more waiting in line
When you have a set this fine
No ounce of padding in sight
What you see is 100% mine
Everybody’s got your back
When you’ve got a nice rack
The world is so sunny
When men spend all their money
And it’s never a sin
To use a smile and the twins
Verse 2
Every night, I’ve got them staring
At this low cut top I’m wearing
Oh, these double D’s in a plain white t
Definitely ready for the VIP
I bet their hoping it’ll rain
And that wouldn’t really be a shame
This cleavage reminds them of pale silk
Have all the boys thinking, got milk?
Verse 3
All these guys, their cash they’d give up
For a chance to feel me up
This girl’s gone a little wild
But I’m not givin it up Mardi Gras style
No one can hold a candle
Cuz I’m told I’m more than a handful
Sometimes it’s a hard to shoulder
When your cups run over
But I wouldn’t change a thing
Cuz I know I’m green