specialthanks150Special Thanks to:  My friends, family, mentors and teachers, past and present, who provided support, humor, guidance and wisdom that made all this possible. The musicians that contributed their talent and flair to this album. Marco Delmar, you are my Yoda.  I cannot thank you enough, Sensei, for believing in this project, my vision and me. I’m so ready for Part Deux! Jessica H, for your ears, backdrop ironing, cue-card writing skills, improv hair curling, boundless support, honest, tactful feedback and smiles, thx x 3. Andrew & Izzy, xxoo. Jason H for helping me to visualize what was in my head and making my crazy ideas make sense. You are so gifted and I’m lucky we are friends. I cannot thank you enough for your patience, humor and honesty. Deb M, I am just in awe of your eye, you have two extremely sexy ones that can shoot me anytime. Us unicorns gotta stick together! Bethany, for making me look good. Recording Arts (Marco, Steph, Ken and Mark) for being awesome and worth the trip from Baltimore to Virginia every – damn – time. The Gruesome Foursome (Brandy, Lizzie, Jessica) for the love, support, bad advice and complete and utter debauchery. I needed that, I will take another and I heart all of you in very inappropriate ways. Kimmer, for giving me the best possible advice, listening to my insanity at all hours, getting me in a way no one else does and plying me with fun and serenity. I adore you. Steph, Gen, Virginia, Darcy, Randi, Celeste, Rena and Cheyenne, I luvu all. Liz D for helping me get on the right track. I still get teary and think of you when I see concrete stairs. WLSSG crew for sound advice and constant encouragement. RD, HS, LBP, KO, EW and MJ for detangling my hot mess & giving me guidance in the darkest times, I am alive and kicking because of you all. My numerous crappy jobs that taught me to have a sense of humor and that a music career couldn’t be any tougher or more unstable, so eff it, I’ll follow my bliss. All my teachers and school advisors – thank you for grading me on effort and showing me the doors and windows I didn’t see. You took time for me and went above and beyond a teacher’s paycheck. You saved my life. I am forever in your debt and try to pay it forward every day by helping others. Special thanks to my music teachers: R Thomas Powell, Bill Yakaitis, Morris Long and Rosemary (Tribble) Winters. Misty, for telling me I should sing more and letting me go crazy, within reason… and we never got arrested, wow. Ciscley and Sherstain, for listening to my first originals and saying “you should be doing that.” Chiara, for teaching me that being girly is much more fun, especially while in France and Italy. I can finally walk in heels. You’d be so proud. Dan S, Sirri S and Carol M. for helping me get over my stage fright and giving me the wonderful experience of creative synergy. Matt B for pushing me to sing in public & telling me not to sweat it and just do an effing shot. My past bandmates/cast/crew, especially Natasha, Bobbie & John and all the SPHSMB gang, Jill R & my Lewis Hall chicas, Karen P, Gen and the UW ladies, R&G peeps, Tartuffe troupe, SUNDEF XXX + CIDEF and my various acting classmates and ensemble musicians. I learned so much from you. Remember what’s said in practice, stays in practice. Karaoke and Open Mic nights for building my courage and always cheering (egging) me on, especially Ernie, Billy, Saxy Joe, Adrienne, Kristen W, Jesse, Danny and so many more. Dad and Mom, for bringing me into this beautiful world and for the flute with the gold mouthpiece. Grandma Ann, for the voice lessons, keyboard, cheesecake, goulash & chamomile tea. I miss you terribly. Grandpa Elmer, a real man, who took me fishing and was gentle and strong at the same time, your “knee-high-to-a-grasshopper” misses you. I know you are both with me every day and are proud. My extended family cheering section (Norma, Bill, Carla, Kathleen, Kolleen, Deb, Jenny, Robin, Christen, Jon et al.). Kisses. Doug W for introducing me to Marco. Annie E for helping me find my true voice. Rebekah E for polishing it. Carol W for the great vocal warm-ups. The Sully Show (Matt “Sully”, Dee, JT, Adam, Punchy and Andrew), with our dirty minds, I hope you’re FCC exempt. All my fans and followers who attend my shows and follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more – your support and humor keep me going and you are why I do this. I could go on for days listing the countless others who have played a role in this “Work in Progress” that is me, but we’d be here a while and I have one page of tiny print and have to get this CD liner printed this year! Even if you are not named here, please know you are not forgotten, you are all in my heart. This album is for all of you and I am forever grateful. Hugs and Kisses! I love you! – Michele