Baltimore, MD, December 16, 2015 – Local singer-songwriter, Michele McTierney has completed recording her debut album, “A Work in Progress”.

Michele McTierney blends powerful, emotionally charged vocals, edgy, infectious pop rock music with a wonderful talent for lyrical imagery, creating an album that is a true work of art. Michele’s personal story is revealed in each song, from her inspiring journey of losing over 230 lbs. in the two years recording this album and following her dream to become a singer-songwriter, to her struggle with depression and surviving trauma and heartache. “A Work in Progress” is a spectacular musical tour de force, exposing the vulnerabilities of the heart and the strength of the human spirit with honesty, humor and passion.

Produced by Marco Delmar, twelve (12) time “Producer of the Year” recipient by Washington Area Music Association (WAMA), the album was recorded and mixed at Recording Arts, LLC in Fairfax, VA.

“Michele McTierney is one of the brightest and innovative new talents to come out of the Baltimore/DC area in ages. Awesome songs with an incredibly seamless and credible blending of musical pop styles. It’s…an insanely irresistible pop stew that has you dancing and singing along consciously or not.” – Marco Delmar, Producer & Owner, Recording Arts LLC
The album, “A Work in Progress”, includes ten (10) original songs, totaling twelve (12) tracks: “Crushing Guilty”, “Shut My Mouth”, “If You Were Dead”, “Polaroid”, “Drain”, “Courage” (two versions), “Collegiate”, “No Such Thing”, “Built” (two versions) and “Egotistical Girl”. All music and lyrics are written by Michele McTierney.

Michele describes her journey recording her album:

“Music and art affect us in profound ways; teaching us, inspiring us and uplifting us- connecting us so we don’t feel so alone. I am the person I am today because of the amazing journey recording this album. Two years ago, I weighed over 450 lbs., was struggling with severe depression and health problems and was contemplating suicide. I woke up one morning, intent to make a change or die trying. Music saved me and this album gave me a goal and the courage to change my life. Today, I have completed recording an album I am proud of; I have lost over 230 lbs. and am healthy both mentally and physically. For the first time in my life, I am truly happy. Music brought me out of the darkness and into the light. By sharing this album, I hope I can tell a story that resonates with people and helps them in the same way.”

Others describe Michele and her music:

“She sings what all of us have felt but have the restraint and common sense not to say. I love her music!” – Virginia McLucas

“Michele’s music captures a perfect balance between pop/rock, while providing a bit of snarky and edgy dialect that tells the story of an awesome transformation into who she is today.” – Robbie Whiplash, Composer, Limited Moon Productions, NeckBrace Studios

“Michele’s music will get your attention and her lyrics will pull you all the way in. One listen to her heart and you will be a fan. Sit back and enjoy the wild ride that is “Michele McTierney”!!!” – JT Hollis, Singer-Songwriter, Co-Host of The Sully Show on

“As a veteran (live & session) guitarist, songwriter, engineer & producer, I see a world full of cookie cutter pop singers, who are far more style than substance. Michele McTierney is… a breath of fresh air. You owe it to your soul to give this natural talent a listen.” Mark Gabrich, Guitarist-Songwriter, Engineer, Producer

“Michele’s strength is not just in her vocals, but it’s also her songwriting ability. Her witty and crafty lyrics are reminiscent of legendary 80’s British wit masters Nick Drake, PJ Harvey, Billy Bragg and Kate Bush, with the fresh appeal of our world today. You won’t be disappointed in this CD.” – Matthew Bathurst, Musician-Songwriter

“The raw frankness of her lyrics is amazing and unforgettable.” – Andrew Black, Co-Host of Hollz and Rorschach on

“Energy, passion, talent is what Michele and this record is all about. Her lyrics and music are a perfect mix for great pop songs with a bit of an attitude!” – Doug Wilson, Musician

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